Energy Efficient Compressor Range

A range of energy efficient and cost effective compressors

SCR Compressors from Air Systems

At Air System Controls, we supply a range of energy efficient compressors from SCR. SCR Compressor is a leading supplier of high performance compressors with low operating costs. In 2018, SCR became a joint-venture company with Anest Iwata bringing high quality, safer and more reliable technology into the business. Since the joint-venture, SCR have been implementing their compressors into a variety of blue chip organisations such as; BMW, Coca Cola, Ricoh, Kelloggs and Muller.

We can offer full technical support and advice, ensuring the correct compressor is selected for your application. SCR UK have a supply of fixed speed and variable speed compressors along with spares, air filters, oil filters and oil separators.

Permanent Magnet Compressor Range

The SCR permanent magnet range is available from 15kW down to a remarkable 7.5Kw, featuring a permanent magnet IE4 oil cooled motor with 1:1 direct drive. The PM units offer over a 25% energy saving against standard fixed speed units along with being some of the quietest on the market. 

Oil Free Zero Compressor Range

The XA series compromises of 100% oil free air delivery, both fixed speed and variable featuring an IE3 motor, fully programmable colour touchscreen controller. Available from 2kW to 45kW. TÜV approved providing class zero air.

Standard Screw Compressor Range

A unit for every application from 5.5kW up to 400kW. From integrated screw compressors with built in dryers to large stand alone 1:1 direct coupled machines.

PM2 Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor

The PM2 range offers a remarkable motor power ranging from 7.5Kw to 15Kw, accompanied by a discharge air flow of 0.46-2.4M3/Min. These exceptional features make the SCR PM2 range low noise screw compressors the perfect choice for even the most demanding applications.

Engineered with precision, our compressors showcase an inverter controlled IP65 permanent magnet IE4 motor, delivering optimal performance and efficiency. With the PM2 range, you can expect a seamless start-up experience, thanks to the pure soft-start system that comes as a standard feature. This advanced system eliminates any power surges during start-up, ensuring a smooth and controlled operation that never exceeds the rated value.

Choose the PM2 range for unparalleled power, efficiency, and reliability in all your compressor needs.

SCR PM2 Compressor
Benefits of the PM2
  • Compact and easy maintenance
  • Low noise
  • Wide range controls
  • Tank mounted
  • <3ppm oil carryover
  • Up to 45°C ambient condition
Typical Applications
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Metal processing
  • Printing industry
  • Spraying industry
  • Auto repair
  • Packaging industry

EPM Permanent Magnetic VSD Screw Air Compressor

Introducing the EPM range, with motor power ranging from 15Kw to 160Kw and a discharge air flow of 0.7-33.5 M3/Min. The SCR EPM range redefines compressed air efficiency, offering significant cost savings, enhanced productivity, and advanced features.

Equipped with a high-performance permanent magnet motor exceeding IE4 standards and IP65 protection, the EPM range ensures exceptional durability and efficiency. Its pure soft-start system reduces electric current during start-up, optimizing energy consumption.

Featuring magnetic panel filters, the EPM compressors extend the lifespan of the unit. Experience up to 35% life cycle cost savings with this technologically advanced range.

Choose the EPM range for revolutionary compressed air solutions that boost your productivity and decrease costs.

EPM Energy Efficient Compressor
Benefits of the EPM
  • Energy saving variable speed control
  • Wide speed range
  • Premium efficiency PM motor
  • Oversized innovative cooling system
  • Suitable for use up to 45°C ambient temperature
  • Low noise
Typical Applications
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Metal processing
  • Printing industry
  • Spraying industry
  • Auto repair
  • Packaging industry

Dryers and Water Separators

To complement our SCR compressors, we offer a comprehensive selection of Drytec dryers and water separators. These premium accessories are designed to perfectly match the performance and efficiency of our compressors, ensuring optimal air quality and system reliability.

Our Drytec dryers are specifically engineered to remove moisture from the compressed air, preventing corrosion, contamination, and damage to downstream equipment. With their advanced features and precise control, they deliver consistently dry and clean air for your applications.

In addition, our water separators effectively remove liquid water and oil condensate from the compressed air system, ensuring the delivery of high-quality air and protecting sensitive equipment from potential harm.

By integrating our reliable SCR compressors with our top-of-the-line Drytec dryers and water separators, you can achieve a complete compressed air solution that meets your specific needs and maximizes operational efficiency.

Choose our comprehensive range of Drytec accessories to enhance the performance and longevity of your compressed air system.

Refrigerant Dryers
Introducing Drytec SDE refrigerated dryers, delivering high-quality general purpose air with a typical dewpoint of 2-4°C. These dryers feature built-in pre and post line filters for easy installation and ensure clean and dry air. Choose Drytec SDE for reliable and efficient compressed air solutions.
Desiccant Dryers
Drytec’s MD range of modular heatless dryers offers high-quality dry air with a typical dewpoint as low as -40°C & -70°C. These affordable, compact, and reliable dryers are perfect for applications that demand the driest possible air. Optional energy-saving dewpoint control is available for enhanced efficiency. Choose Drytec MD for superior dry air performance.
Oil / Water Separators

An oil water separator is an essential component for effectively removing oil from the condensation produced by the compressor and downstream dryer. This non-powered vessel ensures that the resulting condensate is clean and can be safely disposed of.

Complying with the 1990 Environmental Protection Act, an oil water separator is now a legal requirement. The act prohibits the disposal of untreated condensate. Failure to adhere to this regulation can result in fines of up to £20,000.

By incorporating an oil water separator into your compressed air system, you not only ensure compliance with legal requirements but also contribute to environmental protection and avoid potential penalties. Safely dispose of your condensate with confidence and avoid the risks associated with untreated discharge.

Why Choose SCR?

Choose SCR for your compressed air needs because of our commitment to excellence and precision in every aspect of our products:

  1. Meticulous Assembly: SCR compressors are assembled by highly skilled specialists following the strict standards of Japanese Quality Management Systems. This ensures that each unit is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

  2. Precision Milling & Grinding: SCR employ advanced CNC profile grinders to achieve micron-level accuracy when machining the compressor profiles. This precision ensures optimal performance and efficiency in every unit we produce.

  3. Performance Testing: Before leaving the factory, each air compressor undergoes rigorous operational inspections and testing to verify its performance. This ensures that every unit meets their stringent quality standards and delivers the expected level of performance.

  4. Flexible Machining Centres: SCR takes pride in producing rotors and castings for our airends in state-of-the-art machining centers that feature advanced climate control technology. This ensures optimal conditions for precision machining and manufacturing processes.

By choosing SCR, you can be confident in the quality, reliability, and performance of our compressors. Experience the difference of our meticulous assembly, precision machining, rigorous testing, and adaptable manufacturing processes.

Finance Packages Available

Air System Controls has partnered with Kennet Leasing to offer you a convenient financing solution for implementing a new system in your business. With this partnership, you can split the cost of the system, eliminating the need for significant upfront investment.

By choosing to lease through Kennet Leasing, you can enjoy the benefits of a rental payment arrangement. This classification allows you to offset 18% of the cost against tax in the first year, providing potential tax advantages for your business.

To take advantage of this financing option, reach out to our dedicated sales team today. Contact us at or give us a call at 01952 290959. Our team will be happy to assist you with any inquiries and guide you through the leasing process.

Don’t let upfront costs hinder your business growth. Explore our leasing options and discover how Air System Controls can help you implement a new system with ease.

Servicing from Air System Controls

In addition to our supply and installation services for new compressors, Air System Controls offers flexible options to meet your ongoing maintenance needs. We provide comprehensive service packages or individual services tailored to your specific requirements.

Our service packages are designed to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your compressors. They can include regular maintenance visits, inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and any necessary repairs. With our service packages, you can have peace of mind knowing that your compressors are being properly maintained by our expert technicians.

Alternatively, if you prefer individual services, we can accommodate that as well. Whether you need a one-time repair, an inspection, or any specific maintenance task, we can provide the necessary services to keep your compressors running smoothly.

At Air System Controls, we understand that each customer’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer customizable service options to align with your specific requirements and budget. Our experienced team is ready to discuss and arrange the most suitable service package or individual services for your business.

Contact us today to explore our service offerings and let us ensure the continued performance and reliability of your compressors.

Housing Solutions

At Air System Controls, our dedicated engineers collaborate closely with our customers to ensure that your compressor is housed in the most suitable manner. We offer comprehensive solutions for compressor housing, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

One option is our ability to design and fabricate purpose-built compressor housing directly onsite. Our skilled engineers will work closely with you to create a custom housing solution that perfectly accommodates your compressor. This approach allows for maximum flexibility and ensures that the housing is specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

Alternatively, for smaller units or for a more cost-effective installation, we can provide prefabricated sheds. These pre-built structures are designed to house compressors and can be supplied and erected onsite. This option provides a convenient and efficient solution, saving time and costs while still ensuring a suitable and reliable housing for your compressor.

Whichever option you choose, our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring proper installation and functionality of the compressor housing. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Contact Air System Controls today to discuss your compressor housing needs, and let our experienced engineers assist you in finding the perfect solution for your compressor installation.

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