Air Leak Detection Surveys

Did you know up to 20-30% of your generated compressed air is being lost due to leaks?

Air Leak Surveys Conducted by ASC

Producing compressed air is one of the most expensive uses of energy on site! 

Firstly, by locating and repairing these leaks, you could save your business thousands of pounds. Secondly, you could save up to 16 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Air System Controls can offer you a comprehensive air leak detection survey that will highlight every leak in the system. Allowing you to run at peak performance. Our report will include a series of recommendations and a transparent quote to rectify any issues raised.

What Does the Survey Consist Of?
  • Locating leaks
  • Assessing the size of the leak
  • Calculating the cost per annum of each individual leak using your existing energy costs
  • Photographing and identifying each individual leak
  • Assessing the damage and making recommendations to repair
Why Should You Carry Out an Air Leak Survey?

Air leaks are very common and occur over time from general wear and tear. Therefore, conducting an air leak survey can improve the efficiency of your business whilst saving money, energy and cutting down emissions.

If a leak is not repaired or fixed, it will continue to waste money on a daily basis. By investing in an air leak survey, we can help to restore the effectiveness and efficiency of your compressor.

Depending on the size and the location of an air leak, if not located as soon as possible it could have a detrimental effect on the systems compressor causing breakdowns or the need for a brand new compressor. 

Losses Are Preventable and Avoidable

In conclusion, this large investment is preventable and could be avoidable with a compressed air leak survey.

Air Leak Detection Surveys

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