Welcome to Air System Controls, your ultimate source for a comprehensive range of high-quality pneumatic products.

We take pride in offering an extensive range of pneumatic products designed to meet your specific needs. Our product offerings include:

  1. Pneumatic Quick Release Couplings: Easy-to-use quick release couplings for efficient pneumatic connections.
  2. Air Treatment: Comprehensive air treatment solutions, including filtration, regulators, FRL (filter/regulator/lubricator) units, and auto drains to ensure clean and controlled air supply.
  3. Cylinders: A variety of cylinders, such as ISO1552, ISO6432 mini, compact, and roundline, for diverse pneumatic applications. We also have the ability to build standing VDMA cylinders in-house with a fast and efficient turnaround for emergency applications.
  4. Valves: A wide selection of valves, including solenoid valves, directional control valves, and proportional valves, to control the flow of air in pneumatic systems.
  5. Push-in Fittings: Quick and secure push-in fittings for effortless and reliable pneumatic connections.
  6. Vacuum Equipment: High-performance vacuum systems and components for handling and suction applications.
  7. UPVC Pipe Systems: Robust and durable UPVC pipe systems for efficient pneumatic installations.
  8. Ring Main Systems: Efficient ring main systems for the distribution of compressed air throughout your facility.
  9. VDMA Cylinder Breakdown and Repair Service: Expert breakdown and repair services for VDMA cylinders, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  10. Pipework Installation: Professional pipework installation services to ensure efficient and reliable pneumatic systems.
  11. Bespoke Control Panels: Custom-designed control panels for precise control and monitoring of pneumatic systems.
  12. Compressor House Maintenance: Comprehensive maintenance services for compressor houses, ensuring the smooth operation of your compressed air systems.
  13. Air Leak Detection Reports: Thorough air leak detection and reporting services to optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs.
  14. In-House Welding and Fabrication: Skilled welding and fabrication services for tailored pneumatic solutions.
  15. Design and Build of Robotic Systems: Expertise in designing and building robotic systems for enhanced automation and productivity.