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Compressor Housing

Telford based fabricator and supplier of compressor sheds and housing.

Our Air System Controls engineers will work alongside our customers to ensure your compressor is housed correctly. Our engineers will take into account a variety of variable to ensure your compressor is situated in the correct area, ensuring the following are taken into account:

  • Adequate Airflow
    A poorly ventilated area can cause compressor to overheat, leading to reduced efficiency, more frequent service intervals and a shortened life span.
  • Freezing Temperatures
    Excessive low temperatures could caused the condensate lines to freezer or the oil to chill below it’s minimum threshold, leading to the compressor not starting up. Low temperatures will drive the energy and maintenance costs up due to wear to motor and bearings.
  • Overheating
    The compressor housing will need to be provided with adequate ventilation, overheating is the leading cause of compressor shutdowns. Compressor rooms should have an ambient temperatures between 5°C and 37°. The higher the temperature, the more likely it is that a fault will arise.

We have the ability to design and fabricate purpose built compressor housing onsite and assemble the sheds directly onto customer property. 

Alternatively, for a more cost effective installation and smaller units we can supply prefabricated sheds and erect them onsite for our customers. 

Speak to our sales team today for compressor housing that suits your requirements.

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