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SCR Compressors from Air Systems

Permanent Magnet Compressor Range

The permanent magnet compressor range down to a remarkable 7.5Kw. The PM units offer over a 25% energy saving against standard fixed speed compressor units. This is a small 40+ CFM unit @ 8 Bar which is extremely energy efficient, quiet and reliable. Permanent magnet compressors (the latest variable speed efficiency units) available from Air Systems from 40CFM to over 600CFM.

Oil Free Zero Compressor Range

On offer, a complete range of both fixed speed and variable speed oil free screw compressors from 45kW to 250kW . TÜV approved providing class zero air.

Standard Screw Compressor Range

On offer, a compressor for every application from 5.5kW up to 400kW. From integrated screw compressors with built in dryers to large stand alone 1:1 direct coupled machines.

'V' Series

High Power Variable Speed compressor, oil injected 1:1 direct drive. From 90kW 280kW.

'I & II' Series

Fixed Speed, Oil injected compressors, 1:1 direct drive, available as either air or water cooled from 90kW to 400kW. Voltage range includes 400V to 6.6kV & 10kV.

'G' Series

Fixed Speed and Variable speed Oil free Class 0 screw compressors with GHH Rand Airend, 1:1 direct drive. From 55kW to 250kW.

'DV' Series

Variable speed, oil injected, 1:1 direct drive 7.5kW to 75kW.

'M' Series

Fixed speed, oil injected, belt driven compressor. 7.5kW to 75kW.

'C' Series

Fixed speed oil injected, belt driven compressor. Available mounted on a high capacity 300L receiver 5.5kW to 15kW

'D' Series

Fixed speed, oil injected,1:1 direct drive 7.5kW to 75kW.