End of Arm Tooling

Enhancing Industrial Automation with Customized End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

At Air System Controls, our team of skilled in-house engineers possesses the expertise to design and manufacture bespoke End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) solutions across various systems. EOAT is a pivotal component of robotic technology that facilitates the interaction between robots and different parts and components. Whether it’s bin picking, welding, or material removal, our advanced designs cater to a wide range of applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. 

We specialize in mechanical and vacuum gripping systems, as well as pick and place systems capable of handling small 1cm components to large automotive assemblies.

End of Arm Tooling Grippers: Enabling Precision and Flexibility

Our comprehensive range of gripping and sensing systems for industrial automation empowers robots to seamlessly pick and place objects, efficiently transporting them from one location to another. We offer a variety of gripper styles, including:

Vacuum Cups: These grippers utilize suction cups to provide reliable gripping, making them ideal for handling uneven surfaces and objects with varying shapes.

Mechanical Grippers: Equipped with two or three jaw claws that function as flexible “fingers,” mechanical grippers excel at grasping and manipulating objects. These grippers often feature adjustable force and stroke capabilities, ensuring precise and controlled handling.

Adhesive Grippers: Designed for lightweight objects, adhesive grippers employ an adhesive surface to securely hold items during robotic operations.

Quick Change Devices

Our specially crafted EOAT tooling includes quick change devices that significantly enhance efficiency and productivity along assembly lines. These devices allow for rapid tool changes, enabling seamless transitions between drill, grinder, saw, or other cutting devices.

Sensing Capabilities: Augmenting Efficiency and Control

Incorporating sensing capabilities alongside our grippers adds an extra layer of functionality and control to the automation process. By integrating sensors, we can monitor and inspect materials and components during production, ensuring quality and precision. Additionally, sensors complement grippers when handling delicate or fragile items, providing a heightened level of awareness and protection.

Common Applications for End of Arm Tooling:

Our versatile EOAT solutions find application across a broad spectrum of industrial processes, including:

  • Assembly: Streamlining the assembly process by efficiently handling and positioning components.
  • Cutting: Facilitating precise cutting and trimming operations with robotic accuracy.
  • Packing: Optimizing packaging operations by swiftly and accurately placing items into containers.
  • Inspecting: Enhancing quality control by enabling robots to inspect and verify products during production.
  • Polishing: Automating polishing tasks for consistent and flawless results.
  • Machine Loading: Improving efficiency by automating the loading of materials onto machines and production lines.
  • Welding Torches: Enabling precise control and movement of welding torches for accurate welds.
  • Collision Sensors: Incorporating collision sensors to prevent accidents and protect equipment during robotic operations.

Unlock the Full Potential of Robotic Automation with Air System Controls

Harness the power of customized End of Arm Tooling solutions from Air System Controls to optimize your industrial automation processes. Our expertise spans Telford, Shrewsbury, the West Midlands, and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and elevate your automation capabilities to new heights.